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Mark ReevesMr Mark Reeves MICM
Finance Director

Mr Mark Reeves is Director of a specialist medical bookkeeping agency ‘Pro Logic Business Services Ltd’. The company specialises in deposit payments and applications for Medical Visas for International patients. He has built an excellent rapport with Embassies through his weekly visits for clients and has a client base of over 200 clinics.

Mr Reeves also runs a Medical Debt Recovery company ‘Credit Tel International’. Both companies have been in business for over 15 years. He was formally the patient accounts manager at the St Martins Hospital Group of Hospitals. This included the Lister, London Bridge and Devonshire hospitals. He has also installed and maintains bookkeeping and practice management software in a number of medical clinics.

Mr Reeves is a member of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. He is a water ski instructor and enjoys Mountain Biking and foreign travel.

Mr Mark Reeves is Managing Director of Credittel, specialist medical debt collection service

Chris JennerDr Christopher Jenner MB BS, FRCA
Medical Director

Dr Jenner is a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia St Mary's Hospital, London, W2. He is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College, London, SW7.

Dr Jenner experienced significant problems relating to invoicing and payments in his private medical practice.

This led to impaired cash flow and bad debt. He started working with Mr Reeves at Credittel in 2003 and recovered a substantial amount of bad debt.

In addition new practices were implemented, including flexible pre-payment for self-funding patients for all consultations and treatments.

Paper based billing was replaced by Healthcode Electronic Patient Billing. The results were startling, with a reduction in the time to payment of invoices and a dramatic increase in cash flow for the praivate medical practice.

Following discussions with Consultant colleagues, it was found that these billing problem were frequent. To the extent that companies offering doctors medical billing and charging in excess of 5% plus VAT for the service were using out of date paper based billing.

Insurance companies are now promoting electronic patient billing through Healthcode and paper based billing will eventually become obsolete.

Financial Medical Partnership was formed to provide fixed price patient billing solutions to private practitioners and their businesses, using Healthcode, the state of the art electronic patient billing system.
Dr Jenner qualified at The London Hospital Medical College in 1995. He trained in Anaesthesia at The London and St Bartholomew's Hospitals, where he developed a specialist interest in Pain Medicine.
He then underwent higher specialist training in West London, where his posts included being a Specialist Registrar in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at St Mary's, Central Middlesex, Chelsea and Westminster and Charing Cross Hospitals.
He completed a Fellowship in Pain Medicine at The Royal Marsden Hospital, London.
He is Director of London Pain Consultants, which aims to provide pain-relief and rehabilitation, allowing restoration to a productive life.

Dr Christopher Jenner is Managing Director of London Pain Consultants



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