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Electronic Patient Billing

Financial Medical Partnership can dramatically improve your private practice cash flow by making your patient billing more efficient and effective, allowing you to focus on your patients.

Electronic Patient Billing reduces your back office expenses, increase cash flow and improves the financial health of your private practice.

We offer complete business solutions to your medical billing and medical financial needs including medical billing, tax returns and medical account recovery.

Key benefits for customers

Convenient internet based access

Rapid billing, allowing faster clinician or clinic payment with improved cash flow.

Significantly faster invoice payment compared with traditional paper billing.

High levels of security for your data provided by Healthcode encryption systems.

Great effort is required to keep up to date with the paperwork required to run your private medical practice.

Financial Medical Partnership can help improve the cash flow of your private medical practice.

Authorities are continually making demands on medical professionals to keep detailed records, from the taxman to professional bodies requiring data for revalidation and clinical audit.

We can help satisfy these needs with ease, keeping you in control of your practice finances.

Key benefits for healthcare insurers

Standard information format reduces errors, omissions and overall account administrative work.

Electronic transfer of information reduces administrative costs.

Healthcode occupy the unique position providing an industry standard and driving down costs.

In future the private sector patient record gateway may be spliced onto with Connecting for Health and incorporated into the electronic booking system for the NHS.

Features and Benefits Table



Fixed price invoicing Known cost per invoice   

No charging a percentage of your gross bills   

Improved cost efficiencies for all invoices   

Easy to budget for   

Overall reduction in invoicing costs  
Electronic patient billing Rapid, fast, reliable, save postage  

Accurate and secure  
Healthcode State of the art electronic patient billing system   

Invoice tracking   

Convenient 24/7 secure online access   

Powerful bookkeeping tool  
Levels of service Invoice only   

Invoice and reconciliation  
Bookkeeping and Accounting   Specialist medical bookkeeping and accountancy service  
Medical Account Recovery Specialist medical account recovery  

Bad debt reduction   

Embassy collections   

Court actions  
Financial planning Advice from our Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)  

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Private medical practices including individual doctors and clinics, have special accounting and bookkeeping needs including invoicing, expenses, record keeping and end of year accounts for the tax authorities.

Accounting and taxation issues are vital to the financial health of your practice and are often overlooked in a busy practice.

Financial Medical Partnership will help you keep up to date with your accounting requirements from basic bookkeeping through to annual accounts and tax returns.

We can offer you the best accounting advice based on over 20 years of experience of the medical profession.

Whether you need advice on a simple work related expense claim or you are considering buying a significant piece of medical equipment, we have the expertise to help.

We provide a personalised service with your own named account manager. We have good working relationships with the UK Health Insurance companies.

Our competitive charges are lower than employing your own accountant or bookkeeper and significantly lower than paying a percentage of invoices raised, as offered by many medical billing agencies.

Financial Planning

Financial Medical Partnership have links to a number of specialist medical Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) who can advise on the following areas:

  • Mortgages
  • Investment planning
  • Regular savings
  • Income protection
  • Critical illness cover
  • Life insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Inheritance tax
  • Retirement planning
  • Pensions, including the NHS pension scheme

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