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9 Apr 2018.
Embassy Debts - Have you not been paid by the KHO or the UAE embassy?

Get paid for your medical reports
18 Jan 2017.
Small holes sink big ships Letís face it thereís nothing more frustrating in writing a medical report for a solicitor and not being paid for it.

Better Cashflow Medical Practice
10 Jan 2017.
Cash Flow Management. The importance for effective cash flow and avoiding bad debt for your private practice has never been more important why because. Late payments can be easy overlooked - Slowly erode the core of your business.

Importance of cash flow.
20 Apr 2016.
London being a fast moving city reinforces the need to recover your accounts quickly

Clinic Pre-Payments
26 Oct 2015.
Card payments and Pre-Payments for your medical practice? It would be considered standard practice to except card payments. However the costs of setting up merchant services and running them are costly, the very fact you have to man the terminal 7.00am till 9.00pm perhaps may prove to be not very cost effective?

Patient Account Pre-Payments
10 Sep 2015.
One of our most successful and popular services in 2015 is collecting patient pre-payments mostly by way of card payments. This service is for patients located both in the United Kingdom and overseas, its main benefit enables clinics to guarantee almost zero bad debts.


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