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The Cost of DIY Medical Billing
22 Oct 2013.
It is widely accepted in the healthcare industry that it’s more cost-efficient to outsource medical billing, than to do it in-house. 

3 Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing
17 Oct 2013.
1. Separate the health and commercial side of your practice.
Outsourcing medical billing allows practitioners and consultants to separate themselves from the commercial aspect. 

New CCSD Classification for Diagnostic Tests Published
3 Oct 2013.
The new CCSD classification schedule for diagnostic tests was published on Monday 23 September 2013.  Approximately 1500 new codes have been introduced for the coding and reimbursement of diagnostic tests. 

Year End Accounts
21 Dec 2011.
Year End Accounts. Christmas and New Year are the times most clinics and consultants start preparing the year end accounts. The more accurate accounts are produced the less accountancy fees will be charged by your accountant signing off your set of accounts. One set of accounts are sent to Companies House. Another set is given to the practice to hold a record. Financial years are determined by reference to the accountancy period. Your financial year will be 12 month period for which the accounts run normally this is the date the company is set up. Medical Legal Reports must have the Higher 20% rate which was changed on 4th January 2011.

FMP Saves you time and money
2 Aug 2011.
If you’d like to save time and money in your private practice, look no further than Financial Medical Partnership’s medical billing system.

FMP Service
2 Aug 2011.
To start here are just 5 good reasons to use FMP limited.

Good cash flow is crucial for business
2 Aug 2011.
Every business relies on cash flow to make purchases, pay employees and, most important of all, to make a profit. A company can look good on paper even if it has no cash coming in. But to be truly healthy financially, cash flow is essential for any business. Having cash on hand is what allows businesses to cope if anything were to go wrong. No one hopes for the worst when it comes to business, but it’s good to be prepared for it anyway, in case your company experiences a drastic loss. Good cash flow will ensure your


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